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Want to maximize your credibility while showing off your expertise? Your industry needs a book written by YOU!   Read More

Children's Writing Workshop

Do you have a writer? Is your child or grandchild always writing something?A writing workshop will take place once a week for 8 weeks, resulting

in a physical, hard-copy and e-book format of YOUR child’s book.

This workshop is eligible for the Children’s Arts Tax Credit and is an excellent creative and social outlet for your child(ren). There is a limited number of seats, for children aged 9-12, cost $150.00/author.

ProPublish business marketing tool

Are you a small business owner who would like to see leads and sales sky-rocket? What if there was a way to show everyone your expertise and maximize your credibility? What if this method was based entirely on what you already know? 

ProPublish is a new program offered to small business owners. Publishing has led to the helpful endeavor of aiding small business owners realize their own dreams by becoming an author and by the recognition and credibility gained by writing a business book.
Writing a book, becoming a published author, increases business owners' success by making potential, past and present customers trust you more. You create a personal brand like no other, while opening an array of opportunities and marketing tactics.Your book can be used as a lead generator, a referral tool, it can be your new business card, used for seminars, presentations, open houses’ and the list goes on. This one-time investment can be used over and over. This is intended to help you expand your opportunities by sharing much needed educational content to individuals in your industry. This marketing tool and its’ many uses increases your credibility, highlights your expertise and ultimately teaches the people around you. Your industry and your market needs your knowledge.


Have you ever wanted to write book? About your life or your hobby? For yourself or for your child?

Pathway Press now offers self-publishing consulting. Providing all the necessary information and/or services to complete the steps to self-publish your book. This can result in a physical, hard-copy of your work and an e-book format of your book.

Already have those files? Have a great idea and need help designing it into a book? The services available are very flexible and affordable.

From picture books about and/or featuring YOUR child, 
to short-stories or even novels of any sort…
There are so many options and templates to choose from.
These are all complex processes but the details will be provided including how we can work further to make your book available, for sale, on Amazon! Earning you every cent of royalty after the fact, deposited right into your own bank account. At a discounted price as a start-up offer for a limited time! 


Pathway Press offers self-publishing consulting and completion services. Helping small town people realize big city dreams. Read More

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Children's Workshop

  • Have a Writer?
  • Creative and/or social child?
  • Want a unique creative outlet?
  • Registration for Spring is OPEN